Creative Commons for CCV

What is Creative Commons?

 Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that was created to promote legal universal access to material on the internet.  Consider that the US copyright laws were created in a pre-internet age and tightly restrict the use of materials widely available on the internet.  The Creative Commons license allows individuals who believe in sharing material for promoting research and education to specifically give permissions for its use to varying degrees including adadptations, commercial use, and share-alike.  The Creative Commons license creates a range of opportunities to legally use material found on the internet, while working within the automatic ‘All Rights Reserved’ language of the law.

To learn about creative commons, visit the easy-to-read website.

To create your own Creative Commons license for your work, use this simple CC license generator.

This photo of a school in Chiapas, Mexico was offered by with a Creative Commons License.  (I will be visiting a school like this one on February 24th with two suitcases full of school supplies donated by 8-9 year old students in Vermont.)

School in Chiapas

This sample of Latino music was downloaded under the Creative Commons license from the world music site  Tal Vez by El Sancto


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