What Motivates?

One great experience led to another in February 2013, when we took another a trip to Mexico to make a donation to a children’s hospital in Puebla, three hours outside Mexico City.  This trip only occurs with the help of my Mexican friend Roselena who orchestrated virtually all the details and supported my idea from the very beginning.  A pair of third grade teachers at the school where I work were eager to coordinate a donation drive with their eight year-old students.  The ‘Have-A-Heart’ collection culminated on February 14th with two more enormous suitcases of supplies, clothes, and re-gifted toys from the students’ own collection.  Once again, laden with suitcases and two teen girls in tow (somewhat reluctant), we headed into the hinterland outside one of the world’s largest cities (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_proper_by_population).  We were afforded the opportunity to plan our own itinerary, visit cool towns and Aztec ruins, travel in a private car, and visit with ‘family and friends’.  Yet once again, the highlight of our trip was the visit to the Children’s Oncology Unit and Family Hostel (adjoining the hospital).  Did you ever consider what a difference a used Match Box car can make?



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