Preparations by FMS Students

Prep for Chiapas CROP 045 Prep for Chiapas 059 Prep for Chiapas 055 Prep for Chiapas 045 Prep for Chiapas 025 Prep for Chiapas 023Copy of Cole Classroom 003

The Founders Student are so eager to participate in the donation to the Chiapas School in Mexico.  They are anxious to see their donations arrive in the hands of peers who will appreciate the anonymous donation.  Many Founders students have risen to the occasion and have thoughtfully cleared out their rooms and toy boxes to find suitable toys and items to donate.  Others have purchased packs of pencils, sharpeners, playground balls and chalk, clean, used clothing and socks, and thoughtfully written notes to students of the same age in a very different culture. The photos here show the preparation in terms of estimating and measuring the suitcase, organizing the donations, and posing for a group picture for delivery to the Chiapas area students.


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