The Great Reveal – Part 2

IMG_2353We were introduced to a teacher and his classroom of 30 third graders.  They all sat quietly in their seats as I entered the room.  I scanned the children’s faces.  They all had similar features of deep dark hair, chestnut-colored skin, and the blackest of eyes, slightly slanted.  In a glance, they all seemed to look the same.  The simple classroom was filled with simple desks, a concrete floor, open windows and a dry erase board.  Frankly, I had expected worse.  However, I learned that reaching further into rural areas was unsafe for for outsiders, especially considering how different I look from them with my snow-splashed skin and light blue eyes. The students’ eyes met mine and after a long silence, the maestro asked the students to welcome the maestra de los estados unidos, explaining that I had brought “regalitos” from another third grade class from far, far away.   They cheered and welcomed me in unison “bien venida, maestra!” in a loud chorus. I decided to speak a couple simple sentences in broken Spanish, and then I broke into English with Rose translating along the way.  The students’ eyes opened wide.  They let out a unified “Woooow!” when they heard the foreign tongue.  They were captivated.  This is going to be cool….


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