Paying it Forward…

Girls MakeIT Workshop.  An opportunity to give girls the skills and confidence to join the maker movement.  
A Pair of 7th graders from the Phoenix team at Essex Middle School, participated in the Girls MakeIT workshop on January 30th at the Generator Space in Burlington featuring activities with circuits and e-textiles.
Seven teams (2) from middle schools around Chittenden County were invited to participate in the day-long workshop.
The girls returned to school with skills and supplies to teach a new set of girls from their school how to MAKE with eTextiles.  They also left with access to an online classroom where they can continue to network, share, learn together.
The next week (Feb 2-6), our new leaders met with a tech staff member to finish their book cover LED project and to plan a project to share with their classmates.
On February 10th, they modeled and presented the switch book project to a group of 12 eager, new classmates.  Each team of two students followed the girls’ instructions to assemble the switch using copper tape, LEDs, batteries, and mini books (preassembled by the girls).  Time passed quickly during the hands-on demo, so they group agreed to reassemble next Tuesday, February 17th to put the final touches the project!
So the learning continues… and two girls have become leaders among their peers in the Girls Make IT movement!

Technology guru, Lucie Delabruere, made this Girls MakeIT event possible with sponsorship by TechSavvy GirlsVermont Works for Women and the Generator.  Visit this blog siteto learn more about the event and continuing workshops that support giving girls the skills and confidence to join the Maker Movement.

GIRLS MAKE IT 2015 (4)


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