A Great Time to be a 7th Grade Girl…


Essex Middle School was invited back to participate in the second session of the Girls MakeIT workshop on March 24, 2015.  This second session featured wiring craft flowers with LED lights, using a LilyPad Arduino (microcontroller board), and learning about programming with Arduino, an open-source electronic prototyping platform for creating interactive electronic objects.  The girls quickly picked up nuances in the code such as sequencing, looping, fading, if/then statements, etc.  Within minutes, they had tweaked the code to create a light show using their craft flowers and LED lights.

Copy of 2015-03-31 EMS (2)The girls from the second session teamed up with the first session girls to disassemble and reassemble (self-driven) their project and tweak the code.  They will present to the rest of the class next week.  The girls will show how they assembled the project and how manipulating the code changes the output of the LED lights.  Such fun and creativity!

Our students plan to participate in a Code.org online programming activity (about 20 hours) to prepare for a future session with http://www.girlsmakeit.org/.

Many thanks to Lucie Delabruere and her team of talented mentors in offering insightful and forward-thinking workshops that give skills and confidence to our female middle school students.

2015-03-31 EMS (1)2015-03-31 EMS


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